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Have you considered getting an injection of your facet joints? That might decrease some of the pain related to arthritis in the facets, while not compromising your ability to get ADR or fusion in the near future. I had this procedure done myself recently at facets of level C5/C6. It helped a lot and will have a longer lasting procedure related to the facets soon. At the same time, I plan to have ADR at the same level on May 5th.

Good luck to you!

Car Accident 2002 - Small Herniated Disc C3/C4
1998 Larger Herniation and Cervical Fusion C3/C4
2005 Herniation C4/C5 - 40 epidural steroid injections from Oct 2005, - Oct, 2007
2008 - Foraminotomy at C6/C7 on left side
Feb, 2010 - Cervical Fusion C4/C5
Dec, 2010 - Lumbar Fusion L3/L5
2013 - Bulge on C5/C6; herniation C6/C7 right side
Mar 26, 2013 - Foraminotomy at C6/C7 on right side
May 5, 2015 - ADR with Dr Blumenthal of TBI for C5/C6 using Mobi-C
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