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I suggest you read posts 5, 10 and 11 of my thread "Germany & Dr. Bierstedt for Cervical ADR?" The names of the four main surgeons in Europe people here use are listed there. Also, listed are some of the top U.S. surgeons.

For Dr. Bierstedt, I contacted his office directly versus using a liaison in the U.S. His name is Malte.

For Dr. Zeegers, I filled in the form on his website and he called me almost immediately.

In both cases, I wrote up my history in a two page summary and sent it to them so we would have a place to start the dialogue.

I have not contacted Dr. Clavel but, will just do so at his website.

One of the best places we have in Arizona is The Barrow Institute but, I would only consider them for the Mobi-C (cervical disc). Their Mobi-C surgeon is Dr. Chang. I'm still trying to get into see him.

The Pro-Disc is the only lumbar disc approved in the U.S. but, I believe that is about to change shortly. Hopefully, one of the lumbar patients will fill in the details on it for you. I just got my lumbar MRI report today and am concerned that I may need an ADR in my lumbar spine. I would not consider the Pro-Disc because of all the unfortunate stories I have read about it.
2006: epidural shots did nothing; 2 surgeons recommended 2 level fusion, I declined.
2007 - 2010 4 foraminotomy and cord decompression cervical surgeries and 2 endoscopic discectomy T7-T8 surgeries; total 6 with Dr. Jho (Pittsburgh,PA) My C6/C7 autofused around 2009.
2013 - 2015: epidurals 3 times (again did nothing) and 4 Radiofrequency ablation (or RFA) procedures.
2016 more RFAs, hit the 10 year mark of this insanity and pain, 3 level M6-C ADR with Dr. Clavel May 19, 2016
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