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Hello I'm Kanutta from Norway! I have been lurking around on this board for a while now. Lot's of good information here!

I did send a mail to Pro-Spine's patient contact ( dr. Bertagnoli) some days ago, but haven't heard anything yet.

I have degenerative disc disease C4-6, with foraminal stenosis at C6.

The last 4 years I have " survived " on steroid injections, I have had 3 and don't get anymore of them ( due to potential dangerous adverse effects, arachnoiditis among others I guess )

I see there are people here with similar diagnosis as myself that have had successfull ADR surgery.

They have started clincal trials with Cervical ADR in Norway, but I don't meet the inclusion criteria.

I have tried a lot of conservative treatment, without not much success. Have also been doing
" neck-training " for 6 months.

My neurosurgeon offered me a fusion last year
( titanium cage ), but I hesitated.

I tried medial branch blocks in october to see if facet joints also are a source of pain. But my disc and nervepain is the most dominant, so I don't really know if I have facet issues. They are definetely not my main problem, so much I could tell from the facet blocks.

Well, just wanted to introduce myself properly.

I am a nurse, and have also worked as a french teacher. 45 years old, married to a scientist, 2 children.

I have not been working the last year, due to increasing pain.

So I think it's time to do something about my problem, and hoping to start a process with Dr.Bertagnoli.

If I am a candidate, that is.

Hoping to get in touch with other " cervies " here.

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