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My view is that if you receive fusion surgery (standard in the USA) then Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is very likely to occur in adjacent levels within 5 years. My father-in-law, a gentleman I no longer contact for any reason, is the poster child for FBSS. He does whatever his insurance-paid Texas back surgeons tell him to do. Dude has very little remaining mobility in his entire spine, and constant severe pain.

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You forgot one FBSS / Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. Apparently if your surgery goes south , you might have contracted the dreaded FBSS. If this wasn't so pathetic it would be comical. The fact that this term even exists is reason enough to go to Europe.

Age 56
Severe neck and back pain, 10 years+ on opiate pain meds every 4 hours, numbness and weakness in both arms and legs.
Evaluated by Dr Bertagnoli for ProDisc at L3L4, L4L5, L5S1, C5C6 and C6C7

Sept 4th, 2019: Completed 3 level CP-ESP at C4 thru C7 with Dr. Biren Desai in Cologne, Germany

Scheduled for March 11, 2020: L3 thru S1 LP-ESP with Dr Clavel in Barcelona
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