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Default New recruit, ready for adr action

Hi guys,

Just joined this forum. Hoping to get interesting experience and support.

As signature says, not doing very well. Trying to get 2 level adr lumbar. My situation is a bit two-sided. On one hand, I look perfectly fine and can even go to the gym and do some things. Not taking any pain meds currently. On the other hand, cannot sit at all. If I am not in motion, there will be pain. Tired of spending all time horizontal.

I am sure many people would say that I look way too healthy, but they don't know that I spend 20 hours a day in bed. That is not acceptable.

If anyone has good scientific papers on discs, feel free to share with me. I am very interested in this revolutionary tech. I have also read a fair share myself, so can recommend some I found useful.

Planning surgery abroad, living in Europe. The plane trip will be hell anyway. How do you guys who live in US survive the plane trip to Europe??? For me 30 mins seated is pain lvl 9-10... Add turbulence, and the fellow passengers will think a werewolf snuck onboard...
2015 Lost ability to sit
2016 Gradually worsening despite conservative treatment
2016 L4-L5, L5-S1 activ L success!
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