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Hi WakesurfMike and thank you for your ideas. I have joked to some colleagues about setting up a treadmill under a desk, but never though that such would actually exist! I will definetely look this up.

Simple surgery is tempting, but is microdisectomy really that much simpler? I also get impression that many people with severely degenerated/dehydrated discs end up with further surgery later, because microdisectomy treats a (serious) symptom=bulge, but does not fix the failing disc that is acidic and torn up. Right?

I was looking at sitting MRI possibilities some months ago. Only found one in the country, few hours drive, and its quality seemed questionable. They advertise it as something for people who are claustrophobic. I asked orthopedists at few ocasions about it, but they replied that all necessary info is seen in the traditional MRI. I am myself a bit unsure though... If the pain is mostly gone lying in the tube, but intense when sitting, it would logically make perfect sense to analyze the spine status while in pain. It is hard to argue with doctors when their argument is often of the class: "because I believe so". Can't argue against their belief
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