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Received a reply from Malte when I asked for a bit more detail on the fusion.

This is what the reply was...

I am curious about the procedure (Is it an ALIF fusion with an ADR above it,

or is it a minimally invasive PLIF?)

The fusion will and must be 360 degrees, ie anterior cage and re-alignment plus posterior screw fixation.

Another surgeon said a fusion could not be done from the front as my sacral slope was too steep? Yes, we agree and offered 360 degree fusion
2010: Strongman training, felt a pinch.
2010-2012: Living in China at the time, pain worsened.
2012-2013(May): Received acupuncture treatment in Beijing and had 2 pain-free years.
-Very intensive kickboxing training during this time.
2013(May): Pain started coming back while training.
2013-Now: Diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis L5-S1 and ddd at L4-L5. Declined fusion less than 24 hrs pre-op. Began my research on ADR and alternative possibilities to fusion.
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