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Im sorry that your in this awful situation. The hospital/surgeon's office screwed up big time. This just sounds nuts to me. I haven't had surgery yet but didn't know it's a requirement to necessarily have the pain specialist that usually treats you. Is this just the requirement of this surgeon or the hospital's policy?

First of all, I would suggest writing to Hospital Administration/surgeon's office with the information you just provided in your post, and copying the letter to the insurance company so your authorization for surgery doesn't expire or is extended without additional paperwork. Then I'd find out why the pain management specialist on staff at the hospital can't manage your meds while in the hospital. I don't even have a pain management doctor - does that I mean I'd need to get one before having surgery?

You can always complain to what ever regulatory agency survey's the hospital or the doctor. In any case, I'd be demanding another surgery date right away especially after all you've gone through. I hope you do get answers soon.
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