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You are 100% right about the Nurse. I found out later on the same day the surgery was cancled that she called my PM dr's office for a consult to inform them of the upcomming surgery on Thursday at 3:Pm. She told me & her boss my Surgeon & everyone else that she found out twneny minutes prior to my arrival at the Hospital. When I told her that both nurses at the Pain Managment center confirmed that she knew the day before she called them liars. Later that afternoon when my surgeon phoned me to personaly appologise for the mix-up I told him of hre knowledge the day before. He didn't say anything about it but, I can't imagine he was very pleased either because he had to block time for the surgery for himself, the vascular surgeon, anesthegeoligist & assistants & there was no surgery to take place. I called her office this week, Monday to see if there had been any changes & the first thing she said to me was I don't appreaciate being called a liar, now how can I help you? Can you say Attitude??? I'm the one that should have the attitude. Had she told us the day before we could have prevented two plane flights if nothing else. I own a business myself & would never treat or speak to a customer like that. Like I said, my ins. is paying 100% of a proceedure that is over $110,000.00. At this point with all I've been through I just want my surgery. I have a wonderfull family & I need & want to spend good quality time with them. I'm almost 50 yrs. old with an absoutley beautifull 29 year old wife & a seven year old son. It's very difficult to be the type of Father & Husband they deserve. I just pray that something good will happen soon.
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