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I had successful implant of M6-L in 2016. Since then I have had the flowing vaccine boosters without any noticeable affect on my back: tetanus, both types of shingles, pneumonia, HPV, hepatitis, annual flu and HPV. I received all of these in a 2 year period. Once COVID is available to my age group I will be getting it as well.
2011 - onset of lower back pain during hot yoga
2011 - 2013 Treated with massages, chiro and physio - pain getting progressively worse
2013 - Xrays normal
Dec 2013 - MRI showed moderate DDD @ L5/S1 - modic type 1 endplate changes - remaining disks well preserved
Jun 2014 - became patient at Caleo clinic
Jan 2015 - first consult with surgeon
May 3, 2016 - L5/S1 - M6 - ADR in Canada (Calgary, Alberta)
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