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Originally Posted by Harrison View Post
Well, the first problem is we are not getting informed consent on any of the covid vaccines. In fact, the initial trial results for Moderna (on healthy people) were alarming and serious; the adverse events were level 3. I recall around 18% affected. But the media still raved about the vax successes and the stock went higher.

I've been tracking this issue closely as I am passionate about informed consent. And social media is deleting any reports like this one, that inform the public of deaths from vaccines:

I'll post more later.
Ouch. This post is extremely sad to me.

I have been using this site to find hope in evidence-based and experience-based advice. You are entitled to your opinion Harrison, but this thinking makes me dubious of other content you are curating. First, to assign motive to "media" narratives around stock price is conspiratorial at best. Second, all Covid vaccine data is public and people are receiving/signing waivers to voluntarily take the vaccine, so I have no idea what you mean by a lack of informed consent. And third, the data you present in the NY Post article suggests 23 deaths from over 30,000 people who have received the vaccine in Norway. Norway has had 76,000 cases and 600+ deaths. Accordingly, the difference in death rate is 1000% in the vaccinated group compared to the infected group!

Again, you are obviously entitled to make your own decisions and believe what you want. But I wanted you to know that given you curate and traffic content here, I was hoping for better reasoned research analysis and fact-based direction than what your post portends.
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