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No, I don't believe Medicare will pay for this surgery unless it's an emergent situation while one is abroad. I might be wrong but I would tread lightly here with regard to hopefulness on this because I think if Medicare pays for ADR, it would be Charite implant as it's been FDA approved for one level so that might be it, but most likely here in the states.
I know it won't pay for ADR surgery for me as I had to sign a waiver type of form regarding my low back coverage with Medicare as the injury was WC related and is covered by Lifetime Future Medical Benefits with WC.
My husband just got BCBS of MA. so I am dropping my AARP coverage and have switched to BCBS but they also won't cover anything to do with my low back as it's covered by WC... (I'm screwed)...
**** If you find out differently in your own particular case, please let post!!! Would be a good precedent for others with Medicare wanting to go abroad (which is where I'd really prefer to go for this surgery tho that won't happen with my WC insurance).
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