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Default Considering ADR L4/L5

Hello all,

I've just been referred to a new surgeon who wants me to consider having an ADR on a degenerated disc at L4/L5. He's diagnosed me with something called Bertolotti Syndrome, which means I have an asymmetric joint between L5 and my sacrum, which is causing pressure on L4/L5 na dbasically means the DDD and herniation there is not going to go away. My main convern is that I'm 22, and used to be pretty active. There don't seem to be many people as young as me who've had this surgery and I'm worried about how long the replacement will last and whether it will affect the discs above.

Any help and advice appreciated!

Bertolotti's Syndrome
Herniation L4/L5 July 2009
Epidural + root block March & June 2010
Discogram 10/8/10
Possible ADR?
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