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I would argue that there IS evidence that ADR is better than fusion. I can't speak to your specific case, but in general, ADR is motion preserving, and reduces by a lot (I believe the study I read said over 3X) the chances that you will have adjacent segment problems. I feel like this is a case of knowing what literature is available to support your arguments. Perhaps you already know and they are ignoring it, but if not, keep in mind that there certainly are studies that show ADR is superior to fusion. If I recall correctly, some studies mention faster recovery also.
* 40's, otherwise healthy, back pain for many years.
* DDD at L4/L5. Facet pain at same level.
* Multiple RF ablations, with inconsistent/marginal results.
* Single-level disc replacement with Dr. Clavel, Sept. 2017. Went well, recovery MUCH faster and less painful than anticipated. Now need to get active again and keep back in shape!
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