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Default Lawyer

There's a lawyer in San Fran I think he is listed on a Adr dr web site. He has been fighting n winning these cases for people w bcbs federal amount others I think he gets 10 percent. I haven't spoken w him I made a deal w myself if it worked I didn't mind paying
12/22/04 blew L4-5 and L5-S1 out lifting wrong
4/1/05 back to work thanks to Oxy
11/11/13 hurt back lifting again
6/6/15 last of many MRI L4-5 medium paracentral bulge with juice leaking and mid to left bulge on L5-S1
No invasive procedures except steroid shots that did nothing n hurt wicked bad
9/24/2016 Adr surgery Bertagnoli>1 year doing great
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