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Hello ,to give a brief history I fell about 15 foot and landed on a fence where it entered between my shoulder blades.I have had pain ever since which was 9-12-94.tried p/t,epideral injections and numerous meds.L5/S1 has been herniated and is now torn.Seen Ohio neurology surgeons couple of weeks ago Dr.usselman said I was a candidtate for ADR told me of side effects and maybe I should think about fusion since I have alot of leg pain and might need nerve decompression.I was floored after twelve years of being told that there wasnt much they could do or 50/50 shots.I definately do not want fusion they seem to have poor track record.HAS ANYONE HAD BACK AND LEG PAIN AND RECEIVED RELIEF FROM BOTH WITH ADR.I have alot of questions but this already a long post so I will leave it at that for now.I HOPING FOR GOOD NEWS in the replys Thank YOu.edit Well I changed my search in the find option and found alot of info. on my question,I failed to mention I had a discography it produced alot of back pain but no leg pain.I have a four and six year old kids and feel like I have one shot at this especially for them since as any one knows w/kids their most important.Normally the back pain precedes the leg pain unless I am sitting but the worst is standing on hard surfaces.My father and I work together doing concrete and excavating.At the time of my fall I was a lineman for the electrical power co. but I could not take the pain any longer and as I am sure we all know few understand.I am just really anxious and confused and now just rattling on SORRY.Any advice will be much appreciated.
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