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I definetly understand where you are coming from. I dealt with the same issue where after almost five years worth of records, my ortho looked at me and just said"FUSION", as if there wee no other options. I agree with everyone's reply to educate yourself as much as possible. It's your life to live pre and post op. I grew up doing construction and some concrete work during high school. This is just my opinion, but if at all possible I would try to find someway of staying in your business, without doing the labor yourself. I know how heavy that s*** is. If you and your dad own it, maybe you could hire a skilled worker for laying the stuff, while you work on getting new contracts and even expanding the business. Either way,I wish you the best with whatever path you choose. If you want the Charite ADR, since you are in Ohio. You could consider CINN in Chicago. Dr. Noam Stadlan I believe is in the top three md's in the USA who has succesfully performed the most. He was in charge of the case study along with another handful of md's.Best wishes!

P.S.- By all means ask how many ADR's the md has done! That is your right as the patient. Orthodics can help(I have them in my main 3 main pairs of shoes) but at this point, the way you made it sound, seems like putting a cork in an overflowing dam. Best wishes!
08/99 Herniation L5-S1
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03/30/05 ADR Charite at CINN, Dr. Noam Stadlan
04/24/05 Return to CINN inpatient for pain control issues
01/18/06 Hospitalized for pain spike, 5 day stay
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