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Yes, I have had both back and leg pain and had it fixed with ADR. I first noticed pain down the outside of my right leg and it was the worst while standing on a hard surface. Especially painful to push a shopping cart around a store. That pain got more severe over a five year period. I had a microdiscectomy 06-2005 which helped some until I was rear-ended by an old 1 ton pick-up three months later. From that period on I had both back and leg pain which slowly got worse until my L4-L5 disk ruptured leaving me in unbearable pain. I could only shower every second or third day, the rest of the time I was in my recliner. I knew I had one chance to save my life and decided that ADR was my best shot after six weeks of research and dozens of phone calls and of course the visit with my neurologist (who suggested another microdiscectomy then fusion if needed). I had a Maverick implanted by Dr. Ritter-Lang at Stenum in Bremen Germany 01-12-2007. Currently I am not on any medication and finished physical therapy last week. Last Thursday I spent one hour doing my exercises, two hours running a chain saw, then rode my mountain bike for two hours. Yesterday I went skiing for 1/2 day with a bunch of my friends. I am a little sore today, but mainly from sunburn, no back pain at all. I consider myself to be as healthy as I was five years ago before the leg pain started. There were six other patients in my group from Stenum and all of them are giving positive reports. The ADR thing is a BIG deal. If you do it your spine will be temporarily severed while the Dr. works within millimeters of your major arteries and spinal cord. There are all sorts of things that can and do go wrong, but when everything goes right it is truely a miracle.

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