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Hi Guy
I know where you are coming from, it would be nice to go somewhere where they can say
i'll do this and that and you'll be on your feet in 42 1/2 days ,but unfortunately ,as you well know it doesn't work that way I went around to dr.s for five years ,eating pain pills taking shots, having x-rays, m.r.i Then to a surgeon with a 7 month battery of tests ,and for him to look at me and say "there is nothing I can do for you"I felt like standing up and saying "you fucken quack".But he is the best known Dr. in Connecticut and figured he knew what he was talking about.My best 3 options was to where a backbrace for 5 years or to wait for the U.S to catch up to europe ,or go to germany for the surgery I went to Germany and here I am 5 months later still healing ,but much better
It's a touch decision and it's not only you making that decision it's family fianance etc......There is no right or wrong decision ,it's whats best for you at the time.keep your chin up better days are coming I would talk to your dr. and get a good back brace.Especially in your field of work. Best of luck
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