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Hello all,Seen dr.uselman on4-5 said ther is a good chance the a.d.r. would help my leg pain especially since it is normally preceded with back pain.Unfortunetely he had no recommendations on how to get some relief until I can afford to be off work in another six months or so.I am going to try some'walk fit" inserts to get some relief when on hard surfaces also try to get primary to write script for massage therepy for my incredibly tight and spasmatic hamstrings,going to try stretchs when I find some?I might try change of meds also,I now take vicoding,800 mg.Ibuproferen and 10 mg flexeril,any suggestions?MY neuro said he didnt know how many a.d.r. he had preformed but he was the first doc in columbus ohio trained to do the surgery by dr.mullin who was involved in the fda trials.Should I push the issue to try to find out how many he has done?One other questions any luck with acupuncture for anybody??Will try anything but since funds are tight I hate to spend money experimenting.Thanks to all.
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