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Thanks for the replys,it is compforting to know somebody else knows what your going thru.For many years dealing with chronic pain ,eating pain pills to be able to work or just to do something you had to but know you was going to pay for it.I think I will have to put off the ADR until after the summer which is our busy season due to finances and my fathers health.I dont know if I or my family can take another season of painish hell.I am going to as the doc if there is anything he can do to help me deal with the pain for another six months.It has been so much a part of my life I doubt most of the time that I can be pain free,what a terrific gift it would be!!!!I would appreciate any suggestions on "buying time".Side note I told my family physician once that a pair of 250.00 boots realyy help me be on my feet but the help only last a couple of months and I couldnt afford to a thousand dollars a year on boots and wandered if he thought maybe a foot doctor or anyone might help with finding ortho support?His reply was "hell if I know I'm no damn shoe salesman."He is a old cranky country doc,obviously.So any leads in the direction of support in footwear or docs for the back and legs might also help buy me the time needed.Thanks to all !! this site has been a big mental HELP, I was going to ask for something for anxiety and depression from the doc but hopefully this site can help me battle that off.Thanks again.Shawn
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