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Hello Cyn.
I posted some images today. Sorry I have been AWOL. As before, thanks for your help in getting me through this. Like you, it wasn't the walk in the park I thought it would be. 3 levels is more challenging. But I recently had some ulner nerve issues caused by lifting dumbells too heavy for my 63 yo self...and it showed that C7 nerve damage has fully recovered...just like Clavel said it would
Pre Surgery:
C3-C4:Mild disc osteophytes. Mild-moderate right facet arthrosis. Mild right foraminal stenosis.
C4-C5:Midline central disc protrusion, significant. Mild canal stenosis.
C5-C6:Moderate disc osteophytes. Mild-moderate canal stenosis. Moderate-severe bilateral foraminal stenosis.
C6-C-7:Mild-moderate disc osteophytes. Mild canal stenosis. Moderate left and moderate-severe right foraminal stenosis.
June 29,2016-3 level M6 (C4-C7) Dr. Clavel Barcelona
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