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Most of the time, for fatigue tests you'd read that range as the minimum load was 135N and maximum was 1350N and that each cycle went from minimum to maximum. They didn't specify that, but that's the way I report fatigue test parameter when I perform them on the product (non-medical stuff) that I test. If that's the way to read it, picking a 135N minimum load was the right thing to do as that's way too low for a normal disk to really see except in unusual circumstances; thus the test would be conservative on that end.

On the other hand, I only glanced over the report and saw a few bone-headed mistakes that makes me wonder about the report. Fournier transform is called out in the spectroscopy section when the correct term is Fourier Transform or commonly FT by those who use it frequently. Might be a simple misspelling or it might be that the report was written by someone who's compiling data that they don't understand. If it's the latter, there might be hidden assumptions throughout that aren't necessarily the way an expert in that field might have reported it.
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