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my advice,

If you can get on Aetna, that is the best most direct route. Look to see if one of your employer's offers it, or if you can puchase an individual plan in your state, or switch jobs to get that insurance. After years of fighting/appealing my old ins, I had to wait to win my SS disability appeal to get an Aetna plan. I was injured in 2001, and I just got my 2 level prodisc ADR last month.

Best of luck
Injured 9/01
Annular tears L4/5 & L5/S1
denied adr by insurance for 2 level charite as well as hybrid fusion at L5/S1 with Charite at L4/5.

New ins paid for 2 level lumbar prodisc surgery on 4/7/08 (at age 39) with Dr. Westerlund, at Core Orthop
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