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Insurance Hell All insurance-related matters are here: Medicare, worker's compensation, appeals, denials, insights, wins, losses. PRICING is here too. Note: This forum has posts from 2006 forward. Older ones are in the Big File.

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Old 01-03-2009, 07:27 PM
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Default GHI INsurance in New York

Good evening,
Has anyone here had any experience with GHI insurance from New York. My wife needs three level ADR with Dr. Yue and GHI says no. They also say no to single level. I need ammo from either someone who has had positive results or negative results so our attourney can do his thing. I am so frustrated at this point as I know most of you here are. Somehow we need to get ALL of the ins companies on the same page as far as ADR is concerned. My wife had cervical ADR in 2006 in Germany with Dr. Bertagnolli and everything is perfect. Now needs the lumbar. We paid first time, can't do it a second time around.
Any help appreciated and any we will prevail we just have to make enough noise!

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Old 01-04-2009, 01:19 AM
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Welcome to the ADRSupport Community. I'm glad you found us but sorry you have a need for this type of group.

I'm not familiar with your insurance name and I've not had to do any appeals but I know we have several members who are or have fought the system with varying degrees of success and they will usually pop in to give advice.

Do you know the reasoning your insurance gave when they denied your claim?

It would also be helpful if you put the spinal conditions that your wife has in the signature of your posts. That will give everyone more info to work with.

You can edit your signature by going to the User CP link at the top left of the forum and then click on the Edit Signature link.

Again, welcome to our community and we look forward to helping in any way we can !!
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