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Manufacturer Product Information This forum is a repository of information that people find and receive from device makers; e.g. brochures from website. It is NOT a discussion forum. If you find brochures that are not already here, please post them in here.

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Old 08-22-2016, 03:49 PM
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Default Spine Art Baguera-L

Website: Spine Art Baguera-L

Material Breakdown:

The BAGUERA inferior and superior end-plates
  • Titanium Alloy (Ti-6Al-4V ELI), Grade 23 (6% Aluminum, 4% Vanadium, 0.13% (maximum) Oxygen)
Thin layer over superior and inferior end-platesThe nucleus
  • Polyethylene. "Polyethylene is a light, versatile synthetic resin made from the polymerization of ethylene," and "is of low strength, hardness and rigidity, but has a high ductility and impact strength as well as low friction. It shows strong creep under persistent force."
Injury 31-7-14
MRI w/o con. 30-8-14
RT L5-S1 Discectomy w/ RT S1 Foraminotomy 21-11-14
PT (50) 20-8-14 to 04-24-15
MRI w/ con 13-4-15
XR Pelvis 08-6-15
COR INJ 02-7-15
MRI 14-11-15
Discography w/ CT-Scan 19-1-16
QME 16-2-16
XR LL 29-4-16
Bone Density (DEXA) Scan 01-8-16
XR LL 01-8-16
Metal-LTT 12-8-16
MRI 17-8-16
EKG 21-10-16
2-LVL L4-S1 ADR LP-ESP 08-11-16
XR LL 24-11-16
A-THX (24) 12-12-16 to 24-02-17
XR LL 31-01-17
XR LL 08-5-17
CT-Scan 07-6-17

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