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Old 02-15-2011, 10:06 PM
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Default Success with vitamins for facet pain

I had the Charite ADR at L5-S1 in 2005. Began having new pain in 2007, that after many tests and research was confirmed to be facet inflammation caused by the ADR. I have had injections, PT, massage, yoga, and accupuncture, all with limited success.

Several months ago, I began taking Vitamins C, D and E in an effort to keep from getting sick. Well since then, I have had remarkable improvement in my back pain. Most of the throbbing and swelling in the area are gone. I am not completely healed by any stretch, but the improvement is wonderful. I take almost no pain medicine and feel so much better.

Supposedly, all three of these vitamins is good for inflammation, so not sure which one is doing the trick. But it seems to be working, and so far I have not been sick this winter. I take 2000 mg of C, 800 IU of E and 1-2000 mg of D each day. I have also had improvement in knee pain after having surgery 5 years ago on it.

Just wanted to share this information. My pain had gotten so bad that I was considering a revision to get a fusion, but at this point I can easily live with this little bit of pain.

Hope this helps other who have facet problems related to ADR.
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Old 02-18-2011, 06:33 PM
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Thumbs up Awesome!

Way to go! How did you decide upon your supplements? Are they high quality products, e.g., food-based?

We all have to remember that our DDD is a localized disease; so if we can can give our bodies what it needs, it can sometimes repair the damage.

Dan replied to my post about juicing a while back. His herniation is gone at L5-S1, and has pain has dropped significantly. Eat better, start juicing, etc.!

: )
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