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New Member Introductions If you just joined, please introduce yourself here. Please add a signature describing your spinal history (use the "User CP) and ask us how we can help you get started.

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Old 09-05-2011, 08:53 AM
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Default best

Oh, and if you feel right about your doc, he will know which disc is best. You don't have to. In my case, I needed a stable disc, since I have a very active life, including horseback riding. Pettine said both of the discs in the study were very stable, and he would choose either for me.
Another piece of info I'll share with you is that I had gotten a second opinion a week prior to surgery from my spine guy at Mayo Clinic. He said that, yes, ADR was an option for me. While they had a doc at Mayo who did them, he recommended that I stick with Dr. P. His quote, "You need a perfect surgery, and Ken Pettine is likely to give you a perfect surgery." Enough for me.

Freedom disc L5S1 trial
May 11, 2011
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Old 09-15-2011, 02:04 PM
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Default ADR (Freedom) by Kenneth Pettine

Hi there!
I'm sort of the odd-ball on the forum because I'm a 24-year-old woman. I don't have 20 years of history with my back pain (my initial injury was only about 5 years ago). I jumped to ADR because my research told me that anything else would just be prolonging the inevitable.
I had my surgery done July 20, 2011 by Dr. Kenneth Pettine in Loveland, Colorado. I was somewhat "forced" to go there because my insurance had limited options (TriCare). Also, I am an FDA patient with the Freedom Disc. At 8-ish weeks post-op, I am confident I've made a good decision (though, a month ago I would have told you the opposite). I'm excited to have the Freedom disc because I think the technology shows great promise for encouraging natural body mechanics and incorporating shock-absorbing technology into the disc. I believe it is approved for use in Europe.
There are a lot of What-Ifs that terrify most people about this surgery, and there is the fact that you have to learn to live a little differently after replacement. You may be pain free, but you may not be 100% invincible afterwards. I am pain free except for surgery-related pain, which I think will go away.
I would give you a two-thumbs-up recommendation for Dr. Pettine's technical and professional expertise, and the AxioMed Freedom Lumbar Disc as an implant. No idea when the Freedom will be approved in the USA, though, and the FDA study is now closed.
I wish you good luck in finding a doctor. Interview as many as you need to... you will "click" with the right doctor and they will put your fears at ease. There are many talented doctors in the world who can offer you great service and relief. Technical prowess is important, but a doctor with a good bedside manner can really make a difference in your level of anxiety.
good luck!!!
Surgeon: Dr. Kenneth Pettine @ The Spine Institute, Loveland, Colorado
Freedom vs. ProDisc-L Trial Participant

2006: Initial disc herniation/spinal injury at L4-5, L5-S1
2007: Physical therapy and manual chiropractic rehabilitation to manageable level.
2010: Fall down flight of stairs, re-injury.
07/20/2011: L4-L5 Freedom ADR Surgery

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Old 09-18-2011, 04:39 PM
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Thanks to everyone for all the replies. I am getting extremely serious now to move forward with a solution. Waking up in the middle of the night with some numbness in my right leg. I do a few exercises and the numbness goes away after a while. Then it's difficult to go back to sleep.

Ruby, thanks for your reply. Sounds like you are doing great. What level of activity do/will you have? Dr Pettine sounds like a great choice if I only needed one level and the "Freedom Disc" was approved. It seems to take an incredibly long time for these discs to get approved in the US. It's interesting that many of these disc are made here, but only used outside of the US. I would love to stay in the US if it were possible, but I believe I will need multiple levels done.

Thanks Melissa. It's great to have multiple people recommend the same doctor. I've waited a long time for a disc with "natural body mechanics" and "shock absorbing technology". I have found ways to put off surgery for years, but cannot wait any longer.

It's frustrating that the disc is one of the few parts of the body that cannot regenerate / rebuild using any type of therapy such as nutritional therapy. Little to no blood flow to the disc, especially the center of the disc, I've read. At this stage of the process this is probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with. That includes football, military service, passing the cpa exam, various car/motorcycle wrecks, etc. etc. I believe this will change when I talk more with various doctors etc and finally make a decision on what to do.
Pre 1999: Damage caused from Car & Motorcycle wrecks, Football, US Army, bad diet, etc.
1999: Collapse at work lifting heavy desk; Weekly chiropractor visits until present; Steroid Inj. Pain Mgmt.
2002: Began mostly Raw diet. Got off pain meds Showed much improvement. Weekly Chiro visits
2010: Discogram & MRI - S1 - L2 Lumbar DDD
2011: MRI same. Quality of life issue. Wake up middle of night with leg pain often.
2013: MRI. Had enough. Ready for surgery.
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Old 04-08-2012, 01:37 PM
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Sounds like we are in the same position.
sorta mirror each other.

actuallyh just sent my files to Boree the day before the accident.
he never reviewed them. but im still confident he was the person to see.

im currently looking for a doctor for my surgery and dont want anything to do with the health tourism people. my experience with them so far was not comforting.

i want direct patient to doctor. especially when the money is from my pocket.
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artificial disc contraindication, indications for spinal disc replacement

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