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Default ADR Revision Surgery: 2004-2009 Topics

I sifted through posts since 2004, using “revision surgery” as a search term. Unfortunately, there were many posts. These are the most relevant, though there are others.

L4-L5 Prodisc ADR removed and revised to XLIF and PLIF

Lumbar L5/S1 - Surgery Failed, Advice Needed (carrief)

Cervical C5-C6 Prodisc Revision Scheduled - Oouucchh

Lumbar L5/S1 Charite revision surgery - Posterolateral Gutter Fusion - AJ

Lumbar L4-5-S1 (revision) - CathyDownUnder

ADR revision, Remove disc or Leave

Delayed hyper-reactivity to metal ions after cervical disc arthroplasty...

Help! Need a revision - Scared & Very Depressed

Considering Revision Surgery

New Member - TDR L5-S1 Charite, facing possible fusion

Anterior revision of a dislocated ProDisc prosthesis at the L4-5 level.

Metal-on-Metal: Letters to the Editor (Spine)

Revision Surgery

New Test for Joint Infection Could Spare Some Patients an Unnecessary Procedure

ADR-Damaged Facet Syndrome

ADR Complications & Hip Arthroplasty Failures

The Potential Biomechanical Etiology for Lumbar Disc Replacement Failures:

Can we learn from revisions?

Cervical Revision from ADR to a Fusion - Need your help !

Disclocated Disc and Stenum

Charite removal

Failed ADR surgery ‘and stuff’

need info on docs in NC and NorthE + failed bi-level

Stenum Hospital

Lumbar L5-S1 Charite - Jasson

L5-S1 Charite Revision - anterior interbody fusion/posterior instrumentation

Access strategies for revision or explantation of the Charite

Prodisc subsided at 3 months - implications? Anyone else had this? Advice please

Inaccurate implant positioning often causes complications in TDR surgery

replacing disc replacements

And a good overview, published some some ago by these docs:

Total Disc Replacement Complications and Strategies for Revision:
Complications of Total Disc Arthroplasty
Susan Bailey MD Vascular Surgeon
James Zucherman Orthopedic Spine Surgeon
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