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New Member Introductions If you just joined, please introduce yourself here. Please add a signature describing your spinal history (use the "User CP) and ask us how we can help you get started.

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Old 02-09-2020, 02:59 PM
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Just started researching ADR. I have not had any interventions on my back. My MRI's tell us that there are some problems around L4-5 & L5-S1. One has so many questions and apprehensions one does not know where to start!! But here we go! I have read a lot of testimonials and still wonder how to pick the right Dr. I am leaning toward Bertagnoli, Bierstedt or Illerhaus?? Any negatives about these three?
Radical, 15 years with a problem L-4-5,& L-5-S-1 according to MRI's. No spine surgery thus far, just researching!
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Old 02-09-2020, 04:10 PM
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Welcome. Sorry to hear your lumbar issues have lead you down this path.

Getting all the info you want can be a long and arduous journey. I've been gathering info since I was first offered a two level cervical ADR 7 years ago, and searching in earnest the past 16 months since the onset of severe occipital pain. I have yet to pick a surgeon myself, but I have come to the conclusion that to a significant extent, it is not a decision that can be made entirely rationally. It helps to be lucky. The best hope is to hedge your bets.

That being said, a few weeks ago I made the mistake of joining Facebook for the ADR groups on there. There was very recently a man with a failed lumbar surgery done by the ONZ group that I believe includes some of the German surgeons you mentioned. He posted their written response to his post-surgery complaints (or lack thereof) and it was not re-assuring. If you want, I can tell you more or direct you to his Facebook comments.

Of course, if you dig deep enough, you can find these types of stories with almost every surgeon. Many of them take measures to conceal poor outcomes and negative reviews - European and American surgeons. Many of them threaten litigation when public information or personal testimonials puts them in a bad light. Even this site experienced some conflict with one surgical group some time ago.

You will see people espouse the skill of one surgeon only to denigrate the same surgeon 6 months later when their condition deteriorates. I know that's not what anyone wants to hear but it's the truth. Keep digging. Keep asking questions. It's a very personal choice in the end.

I just read over my post and I know it sounds kind of gloomy. Not my intention. Plenty of people get through this with flying colors and never return to the internet to discuss it again. We're all trying to be one of those people.
53 year Canadian dude
7+ years of cervical rediculopathy
degenerative discs at c5-6 and c6-7
with fractured end plates, disc bulges & osteophytes
various injections, nerve blocks, facet block
Developed severe ongoing occipital pain.
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Old 02-20-2020, 12:28 PM
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Radical, when you can, pls see:

And the search function works well too, just search by name:
"Harrison" - info (at)
Fell on my ***winter 2003, Canceled fusion April 6 2004
Reborn June 25th, 2004, L5-S1 ADR Charite in Boston
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