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Old 02-25-2012, 02:28 PM
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Default L5-S1 Herniated Disc, 9 months post C6-C7 ADR

Back again... This time with Lumbar Disc Herniation L5-S1. I am 9 months post my Cervical ADR (C6-C7 with Prodisc C done in Tampa, FL) and still doing great (with my neck). My lower back is completely another issue...

After my 3rd episode of "throwing my back out" where I literally could not get out of bed, I went to the spine surgeon. I had visited an urgent care which did X-Rays showing nothing but a mild loss of Disc height at L5-S1. I also visited a Chiropractor who said that I really need an MRI. Back to trying to get an appointment with a Spine Doc. Wend online and searched my new area (I have just relocated for work from Tampa to New Orleans, LA) for spine docs. Actually used Medtronic's Prestige website for the search, as if a doc is listed on thier site, they are at least trained in ADR's and am not going to have to see someone who only does and understands fusions. Went to new doc (very nice and personable) and discussed my history (C6-C7 ADR) and my new problems. At this point had pain radiating in my buttocks and beginning down my leg. I asked him to order an MRI, as I really felt like something was wrong. Sure enough, L5-S1 is herniated and compressing nerves in both legs (herniated almost dead center of the spinal column and black)...

Now for the course of action... Headed for bilateral ESI @ S1, but am somewhat perplexed with where to go next. I have done extensive research and am looking for some insight from this board... Assuming the ESI does provide temporary relief, it clearly does not address the anatomical issue at hand. I have also read that multiple ESI can lead to scarring which can make surgical lumbar (ADR) much more difficult to impossible in some cases. The other option that he offered is a microdiscectomy to remove just the herniated portion of the disc to provide relief from the imeingement on the spinal cord. Although this is the least invasive choice, it still does not correct the anatomical problem and depending on the scarring may eliminate ADR as a future choice. Both feel like short term solutions to a long term problem...

I would love to hear from others and how you went through your decision making process. Coverage for a lumbar disc replacement may be challenging with my insurance carrier, BCBS of IL. Although they did cover my cervial ADR though. As much as I am a personal fan of doing things locally, I think that I may need to travel with this case if I end up going the ADR route, as VERY few are done locally in the New Orleans market...

Thank you in advance...
41 y/o Male, Successful Disc Arthroplasty Procedure (Prodisc C in Tampa, FL) with excellent outcome June 2011... January 2012 had 3rd episode of "throwing out my back", Lumbar Pain radiating down buttocks and into both legs, MRI shows centrally Herniated L5-S1, Bilateral S1 ESI scheduled beginning March 2012...
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Old 02-25-2012, 04:29 PM
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Lumbar disc issues are generally treated for a much longer period conservatively prior to surgery, unless you have a "hard" neurologic deficit like a foot drop or an infection like Raj's - then it's urgent laminectomy and decompression.

Many people have lumbar herniations and treat them conservatively.... i would at least do the initial series of ESI's to see if they will work, as well as the PT. Insurance guidelines that I've seen call for 6 months of conservative therapy prior to a lumbar ADR as opposed to 6 weeks for cervical. Also, your response to ESI's may help guide where you go from here... I personally had a total of what, 7 ESI's prior to my lumbar ADR, and it was never brought up as an issue by a surgeon.

If you're having more leg pain then back pain, a microdiscectomy is a reasonable first step. it's less likely to take care of back pain though, b/c it's just removing what is pushing on the spinal nerves.

So I hate to break it to ya, but you're probably looking a a longer process than w/ your cervical issue. There are a lot of people who successfully treat lumbar herniations conservatively as opposed to cervical ones, so that's promising. You want surgery to be the absolute last option!!!
US non-spine MD - laid up no more!!!
had recurrent annular tear L5/S1, failed everything
M6L done 10/19/11 w/ Dr Clavel getting back to my old self more and more every week! if my PM box is full

The content herein represents my professional thought and opinions in a general sense only; they do not constitute professional advice or services. if you need medical advice, please consult a licensed physician.
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Old 11-25-2012, 09:27 AM
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Default Herniated Disc Pain Relief and Treatments Guide

Herniated discs are a major cause of disability in people under 45.
I am one of those people.
For the past 3 years I suffer L5S1 disc hernia, the most common type of hernia.
But each case is slightly different and that makes it very difficult to treat.
In my case I also have hyperlordosis, scoliosis and spina bifida.
I have been trying countless treatments and supposed cures. I was often left in disappointment but fortunately found some sources of relief.
I'm not a doctor, just a student with lots of experience with a mother which is a doctor.
At this time, despite my efforts, I have reached a point where I need surgery.
But if I have had the experience and the knowledge I have now I could have avoided this complicated situation for sure.
That's why I made a PDF with my experience and everything I’ve investigated and used to relieve my pain over the years.

I offer this guide for FREE to those who ask me by mail to this address.

Since my insurance does not cover this type of operation I'm asking for help through the IndieGoGo platform. Through a donation you can get the PDF, “Herniated Disc Pain Relief and Treatments Guide”. Through this platform I will also answer any questions you may have about the subject.

If you share this link, make a donation or just give it a like on facebook or tweeter you’d be helping me greatly.
w w w (dot)indiegogo(dot)com/herniatesdiscrelief

There I explain who I am and where I come from, watch it if you can and share it if you like it.
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