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The Big File All issues not easily categorized in the above forums are here. Comments on general health, diet, "getting comfortable," and more are here.

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Old 09-27-2006, 11:45 PM
Sandie Sandie is offline
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Hi Eddie

Weee dear it just gets better and better!! I am sure its gods way of stepping in and giving you a helping hand, remember the "footsteps in the sand"

You were always in my thooughts and prayers like a lot of these poor good suffering people in our comunity.

I am still praying for us all to have some resolvement and peace in our lives. ;-)

Good luck on yr day babe

*October 1999 L4 to Sacrum fused~~6 bolts n hip bone graft~~Failed Due to my bad genes!
*MRI Scan Jan 2004 Showed Disc prolapse on L5
metal removed in March 2005
*CT Scan March 2006 Bolt holes still not healed from metal removed in March 2005
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Old 09-28-2006, 09:27 PM
Cat Cat is offline
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Hey Eddie
"Good For You" for fighting for what you deserve. I hope and pray that all go well with your surgery. Do you have a date yet? I have a couple questions for you. First of all, I am a wc patient also, and I was wondering how to begin requesting an ADR? I'm not sure if you read my post wherein I explained my current situation.
I have an appointment with my surgeon on Oct 5th(he does not do ADRs but I believe he will be supportive). Should I talk to him first then contact my work comp nurse coordinator to request an ADR? Do I choose a doctor and tell them who I want? Also, who is Mark ******* that you speak of? I really need to get the ball rolling here. I feel my back getting worse everyday.
P.S. Have fun on your vacation! Florida ROCKS!! Was born and raised here and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Whereabouts are you going?
Best wishes,
*1998 - Two discectomies and a fusion at L5,S1 (MRI, mylogram & epidural injection through coccyx bone) and surgery to repair spinal fluid leak
*2005 Discectomy at L4-5 (MRI, epidural shots, PT)
*2006 Discectomy at L4-5 (MRI, mylogram, & PT)
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Old 09-30-2006, 10:13 AM
letteski letteski is offline
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Congrats on soon becoming a member of the ProDisc family…. You have done your homework and did not give NO an option. I can’t wait to watch you come back to life and live pain free like I do. I am lifting a glass and toasting to your tenacity.

Way to go my ProDisc Bro!
ProDisc L5-S1 W/Dr Delamarter Aug 23, 2005
L5-S1 DDD Diagnosis 12/04
T-12 Compression Fracture 10/04
C-7 Spines Process Fracture 5/99
You are my Rock God in you I can do anything
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Old 09-30-2006, 02:59 PM
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Eddie, congrats on your milestone! I wish you all the best, of course. I believe your positive attitude will help you through the stress of surgery and recovery.

But as you’ve read on this forum, the surgical event is no cakewalk, and there are no guarantees about your outcome. I’ve seen surgical procedures from all different docs (from US and abroad) that have been “precise” and “perfect,” yet the patient still has enduring pain afterwards. And this is across ALL device types. But, generally, most people do well – but not everyone. So hope for the best, but please be realistic about all the possible outcomes (previously discussed elsewhere).

Forgive the “tough love,” I just want to make sure that all the angles are covered. That being said, sending some TLC your way. And you know the drill – take it real slow during recovery, otherwise Sir A will yell at you….
"Harrison" - info (at)
Fell on my ***winter 2003, Canceled fusion April 6 2004
Reborn June 25th, 2004, L5-S1 ADR Charite in Boston
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