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  1. List of USA Doctors who do ADR
  2. Can I get help coming off my medication?
  3. Can I see what artificial discs look like?
  4. What is Arachnoiditis?
  5. Achilles tendon and hamstring exercises
  6. How long before I recover from surgery?
  7. What is a TENS machine?
  8. What is retro ejaculation?
  9. Can back injuriesaffect my bowel and bladder function?
  10. Typical sequence for ADR at the alphaklinik
  11. To send MRI scans and X-rays via E Mail
  12. What is a myelogram?
  13. Hints and tips Post ADR
  14. Preparation suggestions to do at home for your return.
  15. Dental treatment after ADR
  16. UK doctors that perform ADR
  17. Info Resources for thoracic outlet, brachial plexus
  18. What is facet rhizotomy?
  19. Facet Loading Differences etc Charite and Prodisc
  20. How long will the Charite' disc last?
  21. Billing Codes USA
  22. What is Prolotherapy
  23. Can ADR help facet Joints?
  24. How can I check out my Body Mass Index?
  25. FAQ`s Lumber ADR and spinal fusion
  26. Preparing for Surgery -- Q & A with Dr. Zeegers
  27. Dealing with pain and depression
  28. Feldenkrais.Method
  29. Failed back syndrome and spinal blocks
  30. What are Osteophytes, Bone Spurs, HO?
  31. Managing with small children after ADR
  32. What is distraction pain?
  33. Anaesthetics and ADR
  34. Pregnancy Post ADR
  35. What is IDET
  36. What is a rhizotomy and Joint block injections
  37. Critical tissue issues
  38. Taking medication to Europe
  39. Safe Golfers exercises and ideas
  40. What is distraction ?
  41. Commonly Misused Spinal Terms
  42. Correlating pain to spinal areas
  43. What is disc herniation?
  44. Should I stop smoking?
  45. What are trigger points?
  46. What are the possible fusion types?
  47. ADR complications and revision surgery
  48. Coccyx and ESI injections and other types
  49. What causes Pain ?
  50. Can UK patients have a choice of Hospital?
  51. Differences between ADR and fusions etc
  52. How a spinal Haematoma is recognised and treated?
  53. What is Stenum Hospital's Reputation?
  54. Can back pain cause depression?
  55. How can I convert currencies?
  56. What's the latest on with Kineflex & Active L?
  57. What is ankylosing spondylitis?
  58. Osteoporosis/Bone Issues
  59. What is Medtronic’s influence....
  60. Strategies for revision surgery
  61. What to take to Germany for my Surgery?
  62. What is Spondylolisthesis, Listhesis etc
  63. How do I Pace myself during my recovery?
  64. How much does artificial disc replacement cost?
  65. Discograms – what should I expect?
  66. Physical Therapy -- Or Not?
  67. What is a pain pump?
  68. What is Stenosis & Myelopathy? (Two articles)
  69. Spine complaints and non invasive solutions
  70. What Exercise is "Joint Safe?"
  71. Should I be Concerned with Wear Debris?
  72. What can I do about scarring, scar tissue?
  73. What is Lumbosacral Facet Syndrome?
  74. How does dental health relate to spine health & surgery??
  75. ADR Revision Surgery: 2004-2009 Topics
  76. Mattresses: What are spine patients discussing?
  77. What's a good "cheat sheet" of the spine?
  78. Metal Allergy Testing
  79. Community Guidelines