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New Member Introductions If you just joined, please introduce yourself here. Please add a signature describing your spinal history (use the "User CP) and ask us how we can help you get started.

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Old 12-10-2011, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Benjaminrbecker View Post

Thanks for your posts.

An update and some info.

Dr B gave me a quote of EUR 32.

I have also been in touch with Dr Pimenta in Brazil, Clavel, Zeegers and Boeree. It is very difficult to know how to proceed from here.

Z has provided by far the most comprehensive review and diagnosis of my condition (at a cost of EUR500; Boeree also charges, GBP250). The one sticking point I have with Z is that he recommends Active L, which is not second generation (not shock absorbing). He suggests Active L because he says that it is custom made for each recipient, whereas all others are
I think I can safely comment on the "custom made" comment by zeegers. For one thing, I believe he told me that the manufacturer has modified an implant intended for L5s1 with rounded corners instead of more square, because it makes the disc less likely to involve the nerve when using it for L4-5. I will try to get this clarified tomorrow when I see Zeegers. I do know that for me, and my spine, he implanted a disc size marketed and labeled for L5S1 into my L4L5 disc space. He said it was a better fit.
3/96 injury, bending over to pick up book and felt a snap.
MRI's show DDD at L45 and L5S1, disc bulge at both levels.
Discogram and CT 1999: posterior annular tears at both levels.
TREATMENT: IDET, ESI's, Radiofrequency, Chiropractic, Pain Management, PT.
No work since 1999.
ADR Surgery at BetaKlinik, Bonn, Germany 11/30/11-Activ-L at L45,STALIF at L5S1--recovery good so far!
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