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At this time, artificial disc replacement in the U.S. is still a new phenomenon. Patients may be overwhelmed with a dizzying array of issues to sort through when considering artificial disc replacement as a solution to their spinal problem. It’s no wonder! Here are just a few of their challenges:

– Finding a balance of “ownership” and “control” of the spinal health issue they should maintain with their doctor;
– Trusting their doctor in terms of the professional’s expertise in artificial disc replacement (if they have any);
– Identifying the pros and cons of artificial disc replacement surgery
– Sifting through a growing list of disc replacement technologies, and trusting that the doctor is trained to recommend the best solution for the patient – even though it may lead to another doctor;
– Working through all the insurance issues to ensure payment of services;
– Making a decision to proceed with artificial disc replacement or another alternative.

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