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Old 11-29-2012, 11:07 PM
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Default names


I name my cats but then we never end up calling them by their name anyways.
I only have one cat that will come to me if I call her name out.
The other three come by a certain sound we make or we shake the treat bag, that brings them out.

Have you seen the freeze dried chicken treats? They are for cats or dogs.
I call it kitty crack. I know if one of my cats is not feeling well because if I offer them one of these treats and they don't eat it, then I know something is not right.
The treats are a bit expensive but wow, my cats sure like it.

Whole Life 100% Organic Chicken Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs and Cats
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Old 11-30-2012, 09:59 AM
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Harrison, I don't have cats..... Aaaahhhh-choooo! But I do have two toy poodles. If there is a small independently owned pet food store near by I suggest talking to them. I went to several & asked about what was best to feed my little ones; 3 out of 4 stores gave me the same brand. A couple of the people at the stores were amazingly knowledgable & provided great info. Poodles have remained on the food for 6 years and Re very healthy and I use the frozen "dog crack" for special treats like Vickie mentioned, they love it!

The name dilemma! Can't resist telling this -- my parents have a couple of cats, one is named TC....... *drumroll* because he follows everyone into the toilet! Thus he is called Toilet Cat!

P.S. thank you for this valuable site - the ability to share info & war stories helps so many of us make decisions regarding our spinal health. I'm on week 5 & feeling great - a little soreness in neck area if I over do it & still dealing with those nerves celebrating their newly gained freedom --- but WOW, it's amazing how much better I feel. Dr. C. Responded to an email question I had & he reminded me to "take it easy" and "smooth" for the next couple of months. I feel like a caged bear, some days I feel so good & want to go out and play!!

Still have the insurance battle ahead - we are going to present everything to them as soon as all the paperwork comes in. Cross your fingers - we feel if we push hard enough, sooner or later the ins. Co.s are going to have to cover these life changing procedures!!
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Old 12-12-2012, 09:49 PM
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Hey everyone, just wanted to share this from a friend who is also a member here. An excerpt on the subject of pet foods, continued. Thanks M.

I changed Yoshi back to the Blue Wilderness kibble food. After I get close to running out of their canned food ( have about 2 months stocked up) I may give the raw food diet diet a go, or at least a partial raw food diet. Need to buy a grinder, which is expensive, so will have to see. I spend about 60.00/mo on the canned food so the cost for may be comparable after the initial equipment expenditure. I found a recipe that looks good .

foodmaking pictorial - cat nutrition

The Origin of by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM :: How came to be - More info than you could ever want, but goes into more detail. I like that that she partially cooks some of the meat and eggs for surface bacteria. Gives suggestions for testing it out on your cat before making any big purchases.

Electric Meat Grinder from One Stop Jerky Shop Tasin 108 a cheaper grinder that may work okay, but take longer to grind up bones. Lighter weight is better for me. Can't be hauling a 33lb grinder out of my cupboard every month.
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Old 12-13-2012, 01:09 AM
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Default Worth the money


Glad to see that you are researching the cat diet.
It does seem to cost more to feed raw but making your own is much cheaper.
I was always worried about them getting enough bones, organs, taurine, etc so I have always used a pre made raw diet. My cats won't eat Nature's Variety (they don't like the raw diet's that have vegetables in them).
I feed four cats and we spend $350 a month on their food.

Here's another brand my cats will eat:
Chicken & Fish for Cats

But this is the winner:
Rad Cat Raw Diet Premium Raw Food For Cats

Seems like alot of money but I watched a cat years ago suffer from those feline crystals they develop.
I spent thousands on surgeries trying to fix him so I figure the better food is making them healthier and I'm not spending money at the vets office.

Just remember that not all vets are on board with a raw diet.
I finally found a holistic vet who is very educated about the raw diet and also, she doesn't make me give my cats vaccines if they haven't been seen in years (which is usually the case). I'm not a fan of the vaccines either.
Find a vet who will support your choice of a better diet and not just push the crap they sell in their office.
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