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Old 05-24-2010, 08:47 PM
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Default Hi from Florida

Hi folks,

31 years old, male, healthy (well, aside from why I'm on here!)

Woke up one night and jumped out of bed in massive pain from muscle spasms in my right shoulder. I've had "soreness" in that shoulder on and off for a couple of years, but never had a massive spasm such as this. Can't believe I didn't go to the emergency room that night. It was literally the worst pain I ever felt in my life. Stupid macho me I guess.

I thought I had simply pinched a nerve something awful. A friend recommended that I see a chiropractor. After two weeks of "adjustments" and massages, I was sent to get a cervical MRI. I sent a copy of it to my general practitioner, and they both gave me a call to refer me to a neurosurgeon.

Results are in, mild bulge in c5-c6 and a protusion along with severe foraminal narrowing in c6-c7. Doc says we could try physical therapy and shots, but in my case it wouldn't get the job done and I would be risking nerve damage in the mean time. His recommendation was either spinal fusion or ADR of the c6-c7 disc. They tell me everything's covered by BCBS of Florida.

A couple of days they phone back saying they were wrong. BCBSFL still considers it "experimental" and that I might have to appeal if it's denied. Still waiting for that denial. In the mean time, the surgery is still scheduled for this Wednesday. Doctor doesn't want to wait at all. I definitely want the ADR (Prestige cervical disc), but if I wait... well you all know the risks of waiting.

Pain is manageable without medication, thankfully. Weakness in the right tricep, with slight tingling in the right wrist and fingers. Intermittant pain in the right shoulder blade, usually when I'm laying awake in bed, worrying and wondering "Why me?" in the middle of the night.

They say misery loves company. Well, hello, company!
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Old 05-25-2010, 12:24 AM
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I have a similar story, and can tell you that I may have waited too long before having surgery. While I have had an outstanding outcome, my left hand is still numb six months post surgery (though the pain is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). The speculation is that I have nerve damage which may or may not resolve at some point in the future.

Since you're having, or expect to have an insurance problem, I have a suggestion. Google "Laurie Todd". She claims to have a formula for getting your medical carrier to cover treatments that they initially deny, and claims to have a near 100% success rate in helping people to get their carriers to pay. I bought her book and CD (about $40) and am in the process of trying to get my carrier to reimburse me for the double ADR that gave me my life back. They still haven't paid, but her prescription did get them to re-open my claim and reconsider the whole mess.

Good luck, Jeff
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