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Old 06-16-2017, 02:35 AM
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Default Trouble getting in contact with Barcelona spine center

I am wondering if any of the folks on here have had problems getting follow up answers from Dr. Clavel. I had a 3 level ADR surgery in may of 2015. I am doing excellent and have regained all my strength back and have zero pain. I feel like a million bucks. I am 4 weeks out from stepping on the national bodybuilding stage again.
The one issue I am having is my right, lateral head of my deltoid is always in full flexion and hard as a Roark at all pain though. I can hook it up to a muscle stim and turn it up full blast and not feel it or have any muscular reaction. This is the same side I was having major muscle atrophy and severe weakness on.
I have sent several e-mails to Yolanda, with zero response. I had an MRI on my neck and sent tit to them the same way I sent my initial problems to them.
I am hoping for the best but very concerned on the future of what could come, because I know it's not right.
Thanks in advance for any insight or help with this matter.
Body Builder/Trainer
C5 Radiculopathy- with only major weakness in right bicep and deltoid, no pain. Unacceptable
Insurance denial of ADR
Grade 2+ spondylolesthesis at L5/S1 (I can deal with the pain as long as I am active)
May 8 2015----3 Level Cervical ADR @ C4-C5-C6
With Dr. Clavel
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Old 06-25-2017, 09:48 PM
Nestletea Nestletea is offline
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Default Difficulty Getting Ahold of Clavel's Office

I had an M6-L and M6-C placed on 3/15/17 by Dr. Clavel. Follow-up after surgery has been horrible - Yolanda does not answer e-mails or complete forms that are asked for. I am finally receiving responses after I cc'd the international department at the hospital ( I felt terrible having to CC them on my e-mails, however, after not receiving an itemized insurance bill after 3 months and numerous e-mails, it became necessary.
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Old 06-26-2017, 06:37 AM
phillyjoe phillyjoe is offline
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that is strange . I am at the one year follow up mark and have exchanged several emails with her last week. I suspect that whatever you need isn't in her toolkit and she is likely also chasing the international/billing department for the information.
Pre Surgery:
C3-C4:Mild disc osteophytes. Mild-moderate right facet arthrosis. Mild right foraminal stenosis.
C4-C5:Midline central disc protrusion, significant. Mild canal stenosis.
C5-C6:Moderate disc osteophytes. Mild-moderate canal stenosis. Moderate-severe bilateral foraminal stenosis.
C6-C-7:Mild-moderate disc osteophytes. Mild canal stenosis. Moderate left and moderate-severe right foraminal stenosis.
June 29,2016-3 level M6 (C4-C7) Dr. Clavel Barcelona
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Old 06-28-2017, 07:52 PM
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Default Response Time - Barcelona Spine Center

Phillyjoe - I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt - Yolanda is super busy being the only international coordinator for their office. They may need to look into expanding, as I have read other members having a difficult time reaching them for initial consults and/or follow-up. Dr. Clavel is absolutely amazing and truly performs miracles! I would not trade my experience for anything...just wish they had better follow-up for questions and paperwork.
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Old 07-28-2017, 12:43 AM
nihs nihs is offline
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I've had similar problems with with their office too.
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C4-C5: 1mm central protrusion w/ annular tear
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C6-C7: Disk mildly narrowed; extensive modic type II endplate changes; 3 mm central protrusion which extends into the uncovertebral joint spurs; Moderate canal stenosis. Uncovertebral joint spurs that moderately narrow the neural foramina bilaterally.
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Old 08-15-2017, 11:14 AM
Cheryl0331 Cheryl0331 is offline
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Default vary rare

I have rarely had trouble. The only time was when they were on holiday or vacation. I went two weeks just this one time. Yolanda was very apologetic. It almost make ya want to buy a ticket and fly over there. But don't!
54 yr old female 5'7" 147 lbs. non-smoker conservative treatments failed
2007 fusion @ C4-6 peek cages, failed due to long term use of cox-2 inhibitor
2008 revised C4-6 donor bone, plate & screws
2009 fusion with Roi-C @ C3-4
2015 MRI & CT mjr ddd @ C6-7, segmental kyphosis at C7-T1, 2-level M6-C prosthesis by Dr. Clavel Barcelona Spain
2019 H.O. formed behind M6-C @ C6-7 left nerve rt & in spinal canal.
2020 Revision C6-7 to a CP-ESP prosthesis by Dr. Schmitz Dusseldorf Germany
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