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Trusting doctors in terms of their expertise in artificial disc replacement (if they have any).


Working through all the insurance issues to ensure payment of services.


Making a decision to proceed with artificial disc replacement or another alternative.

What else we provide?


Finding a balance of “ownership” and “control” of the spinal health issue they should maintain with their doctor.


Identifying the pros and cons of artificial disc replacement surgery.


Sifting through a growing list of disc replacement technologies, and trusting that the doctor is trained to recommend the best solution for the patient – even though it may lead to another doctor;


In the 80s and 90s, I enjoyed my career in sales. Although the road trips throughout New England were scenic, my back did not always enjoy the many hours of driving. (more…)

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I damaged my spine whilst falling over some steel plates that were partly covering a huge hole and were left by a water company unprotected and unlit at night time. (more…)

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Who we are?

When approaching artificial disc replacement, patients must consider facts and opinions from a wide range of sources: doctors, patients, medical professionals, manufacturers and government agencies. This mosaic of information is needed to piece together an objective, well-founded knowledge base to help patients make educated choices about their spinal health care.

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About ADRSupport.org

We launched this site during the week of September 12th, 2004 and welcomed visitors from 18 U.S. States. International visitors from Germany, Canada, Australia, Sweden, England and Israel logged on and we received our first inquiries from back patients interested in artificial disc replacement.

We expect the site's activity to grow, but we need help from the global community to provide helpful and instructive content to artificial disc replacement patients.

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