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This site is designed to save you time by offering only the most useful resources on Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR). Our “one-stop-shopping” approach offers you hand-picked articles, patient stories, a lively discussion board and community support.

When approaching artificial disc replacement, patients must consider facts and opinions from a wide range of sources: doctors, patients, medical professionals, manufacturers and government agencies. This mosaic of information is needed to piece together an objective, well-founded knowledge base to help patients make educated choices about their spinal health care.

Introduced in 2000, artificial disc replacement is comparatively new in the U.S. and is complex, so we recommend rolling up your sleeves and engaging in different types of learning. Consider the unique bundle of support services on this site to help you find, read, interact, learn and help you decide among the many options for improving your spinal health.

Our Discussion Board is a Hit!

We launched our international discussion board in 2004 to help spine patients sort through the many complex issues involving spinal arthroplasty. We continue to be the largest, oldest and most specific online community focused on spine motion preservation, including artificial disc replacement. Check out the buzz within our supportive international community by clicking here. Registration is free. And be sure to check out our newer topics on risks and contraindications, as well as osteoporosis!

The World’s First Non-Profit for Arthroplasty Patients!

We want everyone “back on their feet!” We empower patients by including them in a global community, providing support in their problem-solving and accelerating their path to wellness. We help patients research and consider the best solution for their joint diseases, whether device-basedbiological, or naturopathic. We believe that many “chronic” diseases do indeed have cures.

We’ve conducted research since 2006, focusing on innovations in biofilm therapeutics, nutrition, immunology and energy medicine. Our success is measured by patients’ ability to return to work, recreation and their freedom of movement. Our day-to-day operations are rooted in our commitment to education, patient care, and advocacy.

This site is owned and operated by the Arthroplasty Patient Foundation, a new non-profit devoted to the complete recovery of spine patients (especially artificial disc replacement patients) around the world. Please visit the new corporate nonprofit site here.

New Patient Video Released on Artificial Disc Replacement

Finally, a new comprehensive documentary reveals candid insights from artificial disc patients. As of March 2010, this video has been shipped all over the world to spine patients looking for an objective overview of “ADR” or disc replacement. Read about what other patients are saying about this video on our global discussion board.

“Spine Patient Perspective” at SAS in New Orleans

Richard Longland, the founder & CEO of The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation presents the spine patient perspective in New Orleans at the Spinal Arthroplasty Society’s Global Symposium. Leveraging seven years of experience as a successful artificial disc patient, community builder and non-profit founder, the author presents results from a recent ADR patient survey.

“Why Am I Still Sick?”

Our new documentary illuminates the slippery topic of bacterial biofilms and how they cause chronic diseases for millions of Americans. See our Open Letter to the American public which also has the film site. This film will make a lot of waves, while also featuring innovations in both the diagnostics and treatments that are battling biofilms…and winning!

Biofilm Innovations 2013

January 30, 2013 Biofilm Innovations Conference with Special Guests; Dr. Thomas Webster, Dr. Garh Ehrlich, Dr. Daniel Sindelar, Dr. Randy Wolcott and hosted by Richard Longland of the Arthroplasty Patient Foundation.