The road to spinal wellness is sometimes a perilous journey. For many, it’s full of potholes of despair, forks of indecision and plain old bad weather. As the creator of this site, I am indebted to so many people who helped me in my successful journey. My trip started with a fall on the ice in 2003 and meandered through frustrating doctor’s visits looking for answers. After learning about ADR from helpful “spineys” on the Back Pain Forum, I canceled my fusion and had ADR performed by The Boston Spine Group. Click here to see my story of “Ten Lessons.”

Thank you Dr. Banco, for fixing my broken back! Your training, consultative methods, expertise and Charite’ technology were a Godsend! Thank you Depuy spine, and especially the inventors of the artificial disc who created the technology that is now inside my spine!

Thank you Gary, Pat, Manatee, Vic, Mark, “Sir” Alastair and all the caring folks at the Back Pain Support Group who offered their unique perspective and very useful information on ADR. If it weren’t for them, I would be a fused man!

And a special thanks to The Web Doctor, who are exceptionally talented as technical web designers and even more so as human beings. If you ever need “cutting edge” web or video production, see this company’s web site at