Helping People Help Themselves helped me learn about a procedure that was rarely publicized by doctors and hospitals. The website contains extremely knowledgeable members and helpful links to investigate and research this procedure. I really didn’t think that I was ever going to live a normal life again, but after following through with the procedure, I now have a quality of life that I haven’t had in over two years.

– Jason, 24 year old, ADR at L4-5

After 6 years of lumbar problems, going from doctor to doctor, getting a wide range of advice, injections, pain meds and hospital stays, I found a website that put me in touch with people going through the same situations. I also discovered new possibilities. That is where I really investigated all the different ADR options and locations. European surgeons have the experience, but I knew I could not travel that far, especially post-operatively.

On our local NBC news show, I saw a local doctor performing an ADR and hammering the Flexicore discs in place. It terrified me but I knew it was going to be much better for me than a fusion, of which doctors said was the only way. They never mentioned clinical studies. Everyone needs to make their own decision and everyone needs to have the knowledge of what opportunities they have available.

I am now over 3 months post op, working 40 hours a week, taking no pain meds and I have my life back after a 2 level Flexicore ADR. I am going to physical therapy twice a week and doing light exercises 5 times a week. Above all, through the ADR website, I have met the nicest people helping one another. What else can be better?

– Jim

I would like to thank the creator of the ADR Support website. I have been suffering from debilitating back pain for many years, diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in the lumbar section of my back. I have had two surgical procedures in an attempt to relieve this pain, but have been unsuccessful in finding relief. After many, many hours of research on the Internet I found the ADRSupport website. What I found was more than a support group; I found some very empathetic and knowledgeable people who are or had been suffering from the same back problems. The personal sharing of experiences and information about similar back pain and their ADR procedures has assisted me greatly in my quest to making the right decision about the ADR procedure and finding some quality of life.

I want to thank all those individuals who responded to my postings on the website. I am indebted to you for having shared you thoughts, feelings and knowledge willingly and passionately with me. This has helped me deal with my back pain situation and has given me the information to make a more educated and responsible decision. When I have a need to conduct more research, I know I can turn to the ADRSupport website and seek assistance from the group. Thank you to the creator of ADR Support and all its members!

– Ken

This forum has been the best way to help overcome the pain and fear of the unknown in the sharing of stories with others who are going through the same thing, and in many cases, worse situations. It’s especially helpful when you don’t feel the doctors understand your pain, but you know there are a lot of people who actually do. It is so reassuring to ask questions and get answers.

– Judy

I discovered while researching artificial disc replacement upon my doctor’s recommendation. Quite honestly, there is a lot of hidden literature out there that is difficult to unearth, but this site collects the most contemporary research articles and explanatory material in one place. In addition, I have found the discussion group to be a helpful resource for more practical concerns such as actual surgical experiences and insurance coverage. I would recommend this site for anyone contemplating this procedure.

– Leanne