First Artificial Disc Replacement Patient Education Site Debuts delivers hard-to-find medical information on artificial discs and first-hand insights from pre- and post-operative patients to help back-pain sufferers contend with critical medical, technical and personal challenges.

December 16, 2004 – Recent FDA approval of the Charité artificial disc from Johnson & Johnson’s Depuy Spine may be good news for back pain sufferers, but many patients unfamiliar with artificial discs need more information on this life-like device. To meet this need, a new educational web site devoted exclusively to artificial disc replacement (ADR) recently opened its doors to help patients come to grips with the complexities of this new technology.

The informational site is the work of, an organization founded by Internet marketing executive Richard Longland, 43, who had a successful ADR with the Charité disc in June of 2004. Recognizing the complex challenges that he faced, and lack of authoritative information on the subject, Longland launched the site with its “five levels of decision support” and support from practicing physicians to help untangle the medical, technological and personal issues which patients confront when considering ADR.

Since its launch, the site has welcomed visitors from more than 15 countries within the Americas, Europe and Asia. Its lively Discussion Board offers first-hand information on ADR from pre- and post-operative ADR patients, who share hard-to-find information on arthroplasty, spinal diagnostic procedures, doctors, medication, and technology developments. “ helped me learn about a procedure that was rarely publicized by doctors and hospitals,” noted Jason Burns, a 24-year-old, whose quality of life was improved following ADR. “The website contains links which I found extremely helpful when researching this procedure, and just as important, knowledgeable members with whom I continue to share insights.”

In addition, exclusive papers are found on the site, broadening the body of knowledge available to ADR patients and medical communities. “I am happy to offer the first technical paper to ADRSupport,” said Dr. John Regan, the Director of the Cedars-Sinai Institute for Spinal Disorders and acknowledged expert in the ADR field “Patient education is a critical component of our patient care program, and it’s an especially important part of a patient’s recovery. Over the last few years, I’ve seen patients in my office with an increasing understanding of their spinal problems and corrective options; primarily due to the research they’ve done on the Internet. These Internet forums, such as the one on, allow back pain sufferers to share their real-world experiences. This can be of great benefit to the patients as well as their doctors and I am happy to help such a worthy cause.”

The new paper, titled “Lumbar Total Disc Replacement: Charité Artificial Disc” provides technical insights into the disc replacement procedure and is geared towards very well-informed patients considering artificial disc replacement, as well as medical professionals new to ADR.

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