Various Artificial Disc Designs

Overviews, Investment Reports and Market Assessments

There are various disc replacement designs available today, most in FDA trial. A good overview of artificial discs with pictures is found at:

These newsletters offer info on 13 prominent designs for lumbar and cervical replacement with useful anecdotal insights:

vFinance Investments summarizes key players in the disc replacement market and has included brief company profiles. This is mainly financial information for investment purposes:

This report is by Viscogliosi Brothers entitled, Beyond Total Disc, The Future of Spine Surgery, dated May 2004. It is a richly detailed report (300 pages) complete with overviews from top surgeon visionaries, assessments of disc replacement technologies, including biologics; market sizing, companies, etc. 2004.pdf

Note: Viscogliosi Brothers was partly responsible for raising financing to fund the operations of Spine Solutions, Inc. to market the ProDisc.