Post-Op Recovery

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

At this time, there are few papers or resources available to help patients prepare for ADR recovery. The best advice is to work very closely with your doctor (and staff) and prepare for each and every visit. As products are granted FDA approval, we expect to see more educational materials and papers made available to patients.

Pain management after ADR is a real challenge for most patients. Since many people are on strong pain killers before surgery, it is difficult to make a transition to a chemical-free life. These complex issues are tough to sort out, but are handled nicely on a personal level on the interactive forums. However, these resources are helpful to help you frame the issues you should discuss with your doctor or other medical professionals.

Recovering From ADR Surgery – One Patient’s Holistic PerspectiveThis paper was written by this web site author:

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The following articles apply to recovering from spinal surgeries (though not specifically from ADR):

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