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  1. cost of adr Germany
  2. Travel tips and know-how?
  3. More advice about Europe....
  4. Dr. Boeree and surrounding areas.
  5. Leaving for Barcelona
  6. UK roads signs
  7. Beds, traveling, and medical equipment
  8. Details regarding pre-op with Dr Boeree
  9. Regenexx in Grand Cayman
  10. winchester, england
  11. Singapore connections
  12. Dr. Pimenta - Zyga Glyder Facet Resurfacing System
  13. Barcolona?
  14. Just came back from Germany
  15. 2-level cervical ADR with Dr Clavel in 2 days
  16. Wiring payment internationally - here's a tip
  17. Why do a lot of people go over seas for ADR
  18. m6-L questions
  19. Gluten Free Barcelona/Flight
  20. Flight Timing
  21. Tax Write-Offs
  22. Communication Problems With Dr. Clavel's Office
  23. Accessing Your Money in Europe
  24. Heading to Spain. Dr. Clavel here I come!!!
  25. How to send Xrays to Dr Clavel
  26. Dr. Clavel/BSC/Quiron been there done that!!!!!
  27. Hotels in Spain
  28. Oh boy, it's really gonna happen!
  29. Zeegers now uses M6L when appropriate
  30. Dr. Clavel-Consultation Fee
  31. MRSA testing
  32. Needed: Osteoporosis specialist or ADR doctor recommendation in Dubai or??
  33. In Barcelona and surgery tomorrow.
  34. Dr. Lauryssen in Dubai
  35. ADR Doctor Research
  36. Pre op procedure with Dr Clavel
  37. Surgery follow up stateside after Spain surgery
  38. AHA! Dr. Pimenta, AIMIS, Nuvasive, Oh My!
  39. Dr. Clavel's price?
  40. Need some encouragement please!
  41. Dr Clavel site now turns up on Google search
  42. Review Question: Paying for ADR Overseas
  43. referral to surgeon in Europe
  44. German Surgeons to be touring Canada
  45. Dr. Luiz Pimenta
  46. Travel
  47. New Contact and web url for Barcelona Spine Center
  48. On the fence-Need your help
  49. medical loans
  50. Need opinions of Dr. Bertagnoli and ProDisc
  51. Medicos and Marriott
  52. How to contact Dr Bierstedt?
  53. Dr Bierstedt
  54. Hello to all - New member
  55. Adr Cost with Dr Clavel.. anyone??
  56. UK or overseas? for an M6-L op, where do go to have an M6-L inserted
  57. Financing and EURO exchange
  58. Dr. Bierstedt visit San Francisco
  59. Dr. Lauryssen in Switzerland
  60. Thinking about contacting Dr Bierstedt and a couple other questions
  61. Hi, hope to be in Germany soon.
  62. Upcoming Surgery with Dr. Bierstedt
  63. I'm a candidate for ADR...now come the 20 questions
  64. Surgery scheduled Jan 21!
  65. Time to choose...paella or schnitzel
  66. Quote comparison from Dr. Clavel
  67. Post surgery's success!
  68. Why go over seas for a back operation?
  69. February 25 can't get here soon enough!
  70. Travel Insurance
  71. Biersdadt vs. Clavel
  72. Clavel's recommendation for HO with hybrid fusuon/ADR costructs
  73. ADR Surgery booked (Zeegers Apr 16)
  74. medicaltourismco.com
  75. ohip
  76. CONFUSED different Diag from Dr. Clavel and Dr. Bierstedt
  77. ALSO CONFUSED, Clavel v. Bierstedt Clashing Diagnosis
  78. Hello. I'm new and have upcoming ADR surgery
  79. Barcelona On The 9th
  80. Barcelona on October 15th!
  81. Dr. Rischke patients reviews anyone?
  82. Regular Check In
  83. Fees for evaluations
  84. Using Entire Savings To Go Abroad: Need Advice
  85. Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Feil from ATOS Hospital in Germany?
  86. Seriously considering 2 level Lumbar ADR in Germany
  87. Considering 2 level ADR in Europe
  88. Germany & Dr. Bierstedt for Cervical ADR?
  89. Disc Placement - Clavel vs. Bierstedt
  90. So many Europe doctor to consider?!
  91. 1 level M6-c quotes from $16,000-$25,000
  92. FAQ's from Clavel's website, Great Info!
  93. GoFundMe Account Set-up
  94. Decided on Clavel, but...
  95. Gelen Klinik ISO rating
  96. Medical Tourism Insurance
  97. Hotel near Barcelona Spine Center Qiuron Hospital
  98. To BCN's credit
  99. Seems like people are coming out of the woodwork
  100. Travel Suggestions - Airport Security
  101. L4 L5 S1 w/ Dr Clavel
  102. Looking for a good surgeon who performs ADR with M6 and a reasonable price
  103. Bit confused (Bierstedt vs Clavel)
  104. When doctors make house calls
  105. follow-up with US doctors after surgery in Europe
  106. Dr. Clavel contact info and responsiveness
  107. ActivL and M6L difference
  108. Dr. Bierstedt, Any Post Surgical Comments?
  109. Dr. Clavel's assessment
  110. Clavel 2 level M6, or fusion..
  111. Surgery with Dr. Clavel
  112. Possible Trip to Germany for Multi-Level ADR
  113. Cost for a single-level M6-L in Europe?
  114. does anyone have current cost on M6 ADR surgery in Europe
  115. L5S1 Herniated disck. I am from Barcelona (Questions about Doctor PABLO CLAVEL)
  116. Contemplating ADR in Europe
  117. Dr. Clavel Patient Union Planning
  118. Zeegers Response Time
  119. Bertagnoli ?
  120. Just my thoughts since this morning on Clavel
  121. Prof. Dr. med. Burkhard Rischke, PhD
  122. European Surgeons & Cervical ADR type
  123. Getting to Europe, alternate ideas
  124. Lumbar ADR - Clavel vs. Bierstedt
  125. Ritter-Lang and Stenum vs. Bertagnoli/M6 vs Activ-L
  126. European Medical Tourism - Dr Bertagnoli's International Patient Service through T. V
  127. Booked with Clavel. Need Hotels.
  128. Ready Set Go - Booked with Clavel - Surgery March 15th
  129. Any Dr Clavel patients from New York ?
  130. Dr. Clavel M6 Barcelona
  131. outcomes with multiple Cervical ADR with Dr B
  132. Anyone for a skype call who went to Clavel lumbar ADR?
  133. Payment for ADR overseas
  134. Trouble getting in contact with Barcelona spine center
  135. What assistance is needed when traveling for ADR?
  136. Booking International Flights
  137. Ritter Lang or Dr Clavel
  138. Prices for operations in Russia (if you interested)
  139. Lang n clavell
  140. Seeing local doctors in Germany
  141. Yolanda at Barcelona Spine Center
  142. Icelandair - not such a good option
  143. Please share updated surgical cost estimates
  144. Pre-Dr. Bertagnoli, any other considerations?
  145. Dr. Biren Desai 3 level cervical ADR Sept 4th
  146. Medical tourism and Coronavirus
  147. Help! United airlines flights canceled
  148. Steps to take for travel to Spain during pandemic
  149. Entering Germany During Pandemic
  150. Contact for Dr Clavel
  151. Outcome from failed surgery at ONZ Germany
  152. DO NOT seek treatment at ONZ
  153. Dr Patrick Tropiano France
  154. Dr. Todd Lanman Los Angeles
  155. Best Surgeon to perform Cervical REVISION
  156. Question: Dr. Bertagnoli
  157. Who else is as good as Dr Bertagnoli (multilevel lumbar)?